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JP-H08227519-A: 磁気ディスク媒体 patent, JP-H08227591-A: Recording device patent, JP-H08228441-A: Battery charger patent, JP-H08229019-A: Neutral circuit and magnetic resonance imaging device patent, JP-H08229855-A: 箱体などの組み立て補助装置 patent, JP-H08229937-A: スピンドル温度コントローラ patent, JP-H08230073-A: フィルタの製造方法及びその製造装置 patent, JP-H08230619-A: ノズルケース patent, JP-H08230914-A: 容器の開口部の封栓構造 patent, JP-H08231812-A: 射出成形用熱可塑性樹脂組成物 patent, JP-H08233290-A: 加熱調理器 patent, JP-H08233894-A: Method for detecting polarity of mounting component patent, JP-H08234285-A: カメラ patent, JP-H08234670-A: 電子ディスプレイ機器 patent, JP-H08234848-A: Fan motor controller for cooling and projection equipment provided with this controller patent, JP-H08234906-A: 座標入力機能付き表示装置 patent, JP-H0823523-A: Decoder for character broadcasting and character information updating discrimination method patent, JP-H08235303-A: 文字認識装置 patent, JP-H08235440-A: Cash register patent, JP-H08235651-A: Information processing apparatus patent, JP-H08236063-A: 液体クロマトグラフ質量分析装置及び分析方法 patent, JP-H08236570-A: Wire bonder patent, JP-H08237208-A: Information transmission device and information reception device patent, JP-H0823772-A: Device for plant grafting patent, JP-H08237759-A: 遠隔測定ドッキング・ステーション patent, JP-H0823782-A: 選花機における下葉落し装置 patent, JP-H08238337-A: ゴルフボール patent, JP-H08238660-A: 圧力平衡式の押出装置及び方法 patent, JP-H08239087-A: Oil-fence internal installation type oil tanker patent, JP-H08240405-A: Displacement detecting device patent, JP-H08241493-A: Calculation and display device for predictive running locus of vehicle patent, JP-H08241711-A: 鉛蓄電池用複合電極材 patent, JP-H08242060-A: Method of manufacturing printed circuit board and printed circuit board manufactured by the method patent, JP-H08242081-A: 電子回路実装基板装置及びその製造方法 patent, JP-H08242794-A: Production of shrimp extract-containing chinese noodle patent, JP-H08243257-A: 麻雀ゲーム機 patent, JP-H08243347-A: Treating agent for gas and its treatment patent, JP-H08243720-A: Low pressure casting device of wheel for vehicle patent, JP-H08243745-A: 溶接ワイヤ切断装置およびアーク溶接ロボット patent, JP-H0824393-A: 手 袋 patent, JP-H08244200-A: 回転体の液体掻き取り装置 patent, JP-H08244838-A: 包装用容器 patent, JP-H08244992-A: シート給送装置およびこの装置を用いる原稿読取装置 patent, JP-H08245142-A: エレベータの出入口装置 patent, JP-H08245221-A: Acicular cobalt adhered magnetite particles or powder patent, JP-H08245315-A: トリアゾール誘導体および有害生物防除剤 patent, JP-H08245614-A: 1-fluorocyclohexene-dioxane derivative patent, JP-H08246047-A: Production of high tensile strength steel plate excellent in uniform elongation patent, JP-H08246521-A: Fitting structure of faucet and washer patent, JP-H08246564-A: Work execution method for expansion joint patent, JP-H08246600-A: Connecting device for side wall panel and ceiling panel patent, JP-H08246668-A: Box draft form patent, JP-H08246901-A: 耐酸化性に優れた遮熱コーティング膜 patent, JP-H08247041-A: Control method for pump discharge quantity patent, JP-H08247524-A: エンジン駆動式空気調和機 patent, JP-H08248298-A: レンズ鏡筒 patent, JP-H08249542-A: Cash register patent, JP-H08250556-A: Lead-frame taping apparatus patent, JP-H08250713-A: Insulated-gate field-effect transistor and manufacture thereof patent, JP-H08251020-A: Pll drift alarm detecting circuit patent, JP-H08251247-A: Modulation signal switching circuit patent, JP-H08252015-A: Vegetable harvester patent, JP-H08253419-A: Contact lens preparation for prophylaxis against hiv infection patent, JP-H08254257-A: ロックアップクラッチ付き流体伝動装置 patent, JP-H08254553-A: 過電流検出装置 patent, JP-H0825461-A: 押出成形機の圧力制御装置 patent, JP-H08255123-A: 外部記憶装置 patent, JP-H08255893-A: オーミック電極 patent, JP-H08256079-A: Self-calibrated homodyne receiver patent, JP-H08256097-A: 狭帯域/広帯域情報分配ネットワーク用アクセスディレクタインターフェース patent, JP-H08256165-A: ネットワーク監視方式及びその装置 patent, JP-H08256201-A: Automatic answering telephone set with speaker phone communication function patent, JP-H08256246-A: Digital image forming device patent, JP-H08257719-A: 分析用サンプルの製造方法とその製造装置 patent, JP-H082592-A: 流れ制御装置および方法 patent, JP-H08260045-A: Production of low-carbon mo-containing austenitic stainless steel plate excellent in nitric acid resistance patent, JP-H0826009-A: Seat sliding by sensing accident patent, JP-H08260227-A: 異形断面糸用溶融紡糸口金 patent, JP-H08260508-A: 地下連続壁等の掘削装置 patent, JP-H08261047-A: Lean limit sensing method patent, WO-2014181664-A1: Procédé de production de composé ester patent, JP-H08261317-A: 自動変速機の制御装置 patent, JP-H08261387-A: 配管に於ける防食サイレンサ− patent, JP-H0826182-A: Ladder and manufacture thereof patent, JP-H08262250-A: 光導波路作製方法およびその装置 patent, JP-H08262349-A: Optical fiber connection changing device and method patent, JP-H08262513-A: 光信号検出装置 patent, JP-H0826303-A: 放出孔開口機能付バルブ patent, JP-H08263107-A: Editing system for sequence program patent, JP-H08263428-A: Information processor for applying split transfer system and bus arbitrating method for same patent, JP-H08263815-A: 磁気記録媒体、磁気ヘッド位置決め方法及び磁気記録装置 patent, JP-H08264435-A: 多結晶半導体の製造方法 patent, JP-H08264658-A: 半導体集積回路 patent, JP-H08264788-A: High withstand voltage transistor and its manufacture patent, JP-H08264822-A: Photovoltaic element patent, JP-H08265161-A: データエンコーダバッファの制御システムとその方法 patent, JP-H08265273-A: Automatic identification threshold controller patent, JP-H08265672-A: Subminiature digital mirror structure for laterally long display device patent, JP-H08266120-A: Rice transplanter patent, JP-H08266127-A: コンバインの刈刃駆動装置 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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