Image forming device


PURPOSE: To form an image over the entire surface of a transferred material and separate the material without reference to its size, and to prevent an image carrier from damaging by providing a blade which contacts and leaves the image carrier freely, contacts the image carrier to bring the front end part of the transferred material in an abutting state, and separates from the image carrier. CONSTITUTION: The separation blade 25 molded out of urethane rubber, etc., is connected to the operation lever 30a of a solenoid 30 through a coupling lever 26 and pressed by cleaning materials 31 and 32 of upper and lower parts. At the time of the solenoid 30 is excited, the separation blade 25 is moved back against the energizing force of a spring 28 to leave a photosensitive drum 11 and when the solenoid is turned off, the blade contacts the photosensitive drum 1. At the time of the front end part of the separation blade 32 contacts the photosensitive drum 11, the front end of a form abuts on the separation blade 32. Thus, the separation blade 25 contacts the photosensitive drum 11 and the front end of the form is made to abut and separated, so an image is copied over the entire surface of the form, which is separated without reference to the size of the form. COPYRIGHT: (C)1987,JPO&Japio




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