Integrated pressure sensor


PURPOSE: To expand the range of adjustment, by adjusting the resistance value of a part of resistors, which are selected out of divided resistors in correspondence with required amplitude, by a resistance value correcting current, which is applied aross both ends of each resistor. CONSTITUTION: A polycrystalline silicon resistor is divided into resistors. Taps are taken out as shown in resistors 18. Thus, the values of resistances are adjusted. The taking out method of the tape is determined so that r 2 =2 1 r 0 , r 3 =2 2 r 0 , r 4 =2 3 r 0 , r 5 =2 4 r 0 , r 6 =2 5 r 0 and r 7 =2 6 r 0 , with r 1 =r 0 . Since the total resistance is the sum of the values of the individual resistors, R=127r 0 +r 8 is obtained. When the value of the resistance can be corrected until r 8 is 90%, r 0 is determined as r 0 =r 8 ×0.1. The resistor, which is equal to the adjusted value, is selected with r 1 ∼r 7 , and adjustment is peformed with r 8 . Then, the number of divisions can be made smallest, and the resistance value can be continuously changed. Thus, the adjusting range of the characterictics of a pressure sensor can be expanded, and the functional adjustment can be precisely performed. COPYRIGHT: (C)1987,JPO&Japio




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