Data transmission method


PURPOSE: To use hardware and software in common even when the size of data is changed by making a prescribed basic unit data block as unit and enlarging the size of the data with a plural blocks. CONSTITUTION: The basic unit block A to which data of the sum of 524 bytes of the data of 512 bytes or the like, 12 bytes or the like of the track numbers in the vicinity of the data, a sector number, a block number or the like and 4 bytes of a CRC code or the like, a parity C for correcting an error of 4 bytes for one error and a ridging or the like indicating the leading of a line are added is designated to minimum unit. The data size is enlarged by the plural blocks A by making the block A the unit and a correction parity C 2 or the like of two bytes is added in the direction of a sequence. According to this constitution, even when the data size is changed, the hardware and the software for the basic unit can be made common and the compatibility can be attained. COPYRIGHT: (C)1987,JPO&Japio




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