Heat accumulating type air conditioner


PURPOSE: To avoid the unnecessary consumption of the excessive capacity of a heat source device by a method wherein the operation of the heat source device is limited so that the heat accumulating amount of a heat accumulating tank arrives at an objective reduced amount when air-conditioning operation is finished. CONSTITUTION: The titled device is provided with a controller 12, a controlling the stop and the start of a refrigerating machine 2 in accordance with a detected heat accumulating amount during the time band of air-conditioning operation from the set starting hour Ts of air-conditioning operation to the set finishing hour Te of the air-conditioning operation so that the heat accumulating amount, operated by a heat accumulating amount detector 10, is varied with time along the program XQ of variation with time, which is set in a program setter 11. The operation of the refrigerating machine 2 is devised so as to be capable of being limited to the necessary minimum while coping softly with an air-conditioning load without bringing excess or shortage of the heat accumulating amount of a heat accumulating tank 1. The unnecessary heat amount supplementing operation of the refrigerating machine 2 may be avoided by limiting the amount Q of accumulated heat so that is becomes an objective reduced amount Qmin near zero at the finishing hour Te of the air- conditioning operation. COPYRIGHT: (C)1987,JPO&Japio




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