Rotation driving device


PURPOSE: To surely and correctly attain positioning of a rotating body by energizing a driving member in the outer radius direction of rotating body, arranging a freely rotatable regulating member at the position where the driving member can be abutted, and regulating the falling of the driving member in the rotating direction of a hub stand. CONSTITUTION: A lever 16 is regulated by a position regulating part 141 so that it cannot come to be horizontal at the most raised position, a roller 19 shifts a hub 15 in the outer direction of a radius direction while the roller is rotated by a frictional force with the end part of the window hole of the hub 15 and a rotating body is positioned to a regular positioning position. Here, when the roller 19 falls in the rotating direction of the hub stand 12 by the absorption force of the hub 15 by a magnet 13 and the friction force with a magnetic head with the rotating body, the falling of the roller 19 is regulated by a roller 20, the relative dislocation in the rotating direction with the hub stand 12 and the rotating body is prevented, and index period dislocation, rotating jitter, etc., are prevented. In such a way, positioning of the rotating body is surely and correctly attained. COPYRIGHT: (C)1987,JPO&Japio




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