Manufacture of semiconductor device


PURPOSE: To obtain good-quality oxide films while an etching is performed in parallel by a method wherein, when plural Si substrates are housed in the reaction tube and hydrogen gas, oxygen gas and nitrogen gas or hydrogen chloride gas which is used additionally are fed in the reaction tube to form the insulating films on the exposing surfaces of the substrates, the volume ratios of these gases to the hydrogen gas are respectively specified. CONSTITUTION: A reaction tube 2 which is made of quartz and so forth and is surrounded with a heater 6 is inserted in a horizontal furnace body 1, one end thereof is blocked with a cover 3 having an exhaust tube 17, the other end side is reduced in its diameter and a reaction gas feeding pipe 7 is mounted here. Moreover, various sheets of wafers 5 are erected in the reaction tube 2 at intervals through boats 4 and gases fed from an H 2 gas source 12, an HCl gas source 13, an O 2 gas source 14 and an N 2 gas source 15, are respectively fed in a feeding pipe 7 through flow- controlling valves 8W11. At this time, the volume ratio of the O 2 gas to the H 2 gas is prescribed at about 0.04 or less, desirably at 0.01 or thereabouts, by a control part 16, and also, the volume ratio of the HCl gas to the H 2 gas is prescribed at 0.01W0.1 and the exhaust gas is burnt by a burner 20, from which H 2 gas to be fed from an H 2 gas source 19 blown off. COPYRIGHT: (C)1987,JPO&Japio




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