Photographic sensitive material


PURPOSE: To obtain a photographic sensitive material having low surface electric resistance, not adversely affecting photographic characteristics, not causing deterioration in antistaticness due to high temperature and high humidity, having tough film property, and not deteriorating a fixing solution by forming a coating layer containing a cationized colloidal silica on one side of a hydrophobic sup port. CONSTITUTION: The coating layer containing the cationized colloidal silica is formed on one side of the hydrophobic support, and the surface of said silica is coated with fine metal oxide hydrate, and as the cationizing agent, a basic metal salt, such as aluminum, zirconium, or tin oxide hydrate, is used, and the colloidal silica modified with aluminum oxide hydrate is especially preferable. A preferable amount of the basic metal salt to be applied is 0.5W30wt% of the silica. Various polymers, a matting agent, such as silica, a surfactant or the like not causing coagulation of the coating solution may be added to the coating solution. COPYRIGHT: (C)1987,JPO&Japio




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