Taking-out machine for sheet piece


PURPOSE: To certainly take out sheet pieces one by one by intruding a transport plate between a sheet piece whose front edge is erected through adsorption and a pressed sheet piece left in superposed state. CONSTITUTION: An adsorbing means 5 is constituted by installing the plates 52... having a sucking disc on the undersurface, onto an installation lever 51 supported between a pair of swing levers 61 and 61. When a bag body S is taken out, a pressing roller 8 is lowered to press the bag body S on a table, and the position close to the front edge of the uppermost bag body S is adsorbed by the sucking disc plate 52, and the front edge side of the bag body S is erected by the erection of an erecting means 6. An exfoliating means 7 is approached onto the back surface of the erected bag body S, and a roller body 75 is revolved to exfoliate the second bag body S and the succeeding bodies. Then, the exfoliating means 7 is separated from the bag body S, and the roller 8 is raised, and the pressing for the bag body S is released. Then, a pressing means 10 operates to press the front edge of the bag body S on the table, and a transport plate 9 is intruded between the bag body S and the adsorbing bag body S. COPYRIGHT: (C)1987,JPO&Japio




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