Magnetic toner holding device for inversion development type electrophotographic device


PURPOSE: To apply sufficient toner holding power by arranging a magnetic field generating means magnetized rectangularly at least to its surface along the inner peripheral surface of a photosensitive body over the moving area of the photosensitive body from a developing portion to a fixing portion. CONSTITUTION: A plane permanent magnet 2 is adjacently arranged on the inner peripheral surface of the photosensitive body 1 along the inner peripheral surface over the area from a developing roller 4 to a transfer charging device 6. The permanent magnet 2 to magnetically attract and hold magnetic toner carried to the photosensitive body 1 side by the developing roller 4 is constituted by bending a material such as resin mixed with magnetic grains along the inner periphery of the photosensitive body 1 like a plate and magnetizing the material rectangularly to its surface. Consequently, magnetic toner attracted to the photosensitive body with weak power after inversional development is magnetically attracted and the holding power of the magnetic toner to the surface of the photosensitive body is improved. COPYRIGHT: (C)1987,JPO&Japio




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