Superimposing system for video tex picture and video disk picture


PURPOSE: To make a strong appeal to a customer by substituting a raster picture in CAPTAIN picture by a video picture to synthesize with the video disk picture and displaying on a display surface. CONSTITUTION: The picture of the video disk VTX is decoded by a decoder 23-1, a selection signal corresponding thereto is outputted to a video disk control part 17, the video disk applied therefore is driven in a video disk part 27, and a required picture or sound is generated, in a video synthesis change over part 20, a code information part, a pattern information part of the VTX pictures transmitted from a CAPTAIN terminal control part 23 are synthesized with the video disk picture and outputted to a display 22. In this synthesized picture, in the case of a cinema guide, the highlight scene is transmitted from the video disk and outputted to the display 22 together with character information (title of cinema, name of movie theater the like) transmitted from the VTX picture. Thereby, since the information can be displayed on the background of the highlight scene, the impression to the customer can be made stronger. Since the background ban be made an animation, the appeal to the customer can be made stronger. COPYRIGHT: (C)1987,JPO&Japio




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