Oscillation circuit


PURPOSE: To change the resistance of an inserted resistance control circuit between an oscillation circuit and a current supply source, to reduce the oscillation start time and the power consumption in operation by detecting the start of oscillation of the oscillation circuit to generate a delay signal. CONSTITUTION: A voltage V4 of a power supply 4 is fed to an oscillation circuit section l of an oscillation circuit via a variable resistance control section 2, the oscillation is started when the voltage V4 of the power supply 4 reaches a prescribed value to output an output waveform V6 at an oscillation output terminal 6. The output waveform V6 is detected by a signal generating circuit 10 and after a delay time elapsed till the oscillation is made stable, an output voltage V8 is outputted to a signal generating circuit output terminal 8. Then the output voltage V8 is fed to the section 2 to increase the resisance in the circuit thereby reducing the power consumption in operation and reducing the oscillation start time. COPYRIGHT: (C)1987,JPO&Japio




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