Method of coagulating polymer latex and device thereof


PURPOSE:To make it possible to manufacture homogeneous latex particles having uniform particle diameter with increased reaction efficiency without lowering the yield by a method wherein latex is continuously dripped down on the liquid film of coagulating liquid, which flows down on a conical incline in liquid film. CONSTITUTION:Coagulating liquid introduced from a supply pipe 24 flows downwards through openings 26 in a coagulating liquid receiver 18 and then ascends into the receiver 18 in an upward flow so as to uniformly overflow the edge of the center opening of a tray 16 and to flow down over the top surface of the conical tray 16. On the other hand, latex is supplied from a supply pipe 40 into a latex receiver 34 so as to be dripped from nozzles 38 in drops having uniform diameter down on the tray 16 in order to flow down together with the coagulating liquid and fall down beyond the lower end outer peripheral edge of the tray. The falling down flow runs down along the inner surface of a lower shell 14 and is taken out of a shell. Because the respective dripped latex liquid drops contact with the coagulating liquid under nearly the same condition as one another, coagulated particles having uniform diameter and uniform characteristics are obtained.




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