Blowing and discharging system in clean room


PURPOSE:To reduce a running cost for keeping a sufficient degree of cleanliness of a clean room by a method wherein a valve of variable air volume and a discharging fan are controlled in response to a required amount of discharging air and at the same time an amount of blown air of a blower fan is controlled so as to keep an interior of the clean room at a proper pressure. CONSTITUTION:In local discharging devices 14..., a local discharging control part may send an output signal of a local discharging condition to CPU 24 in response to a processing content in the local discharging devices and a door opening degree sensing signal. A discharging fan control part 28 is controlled in response to a variation of a volume of local discharged air so as to vary a total volume of discharged air, the clean room 5 is kept at a proper pressure and keeps a certain degree of cleanliness, thereby a blower fan control part 30 is controlled to control the amount of blowing air. Therefore, it is possible to discharge the required amount of air in the local discharging device within the clean room and at the same time it is possible to make a substantial reduction of running cost for keeping of a degree of cleanliness of the clean room.




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