Special reproducing device


PURPOSE: To store the video signals which belong to a period where most suitable video signals are obtained by setting the storing-timing for the video signals based on plural reference signals generated in accordance with a tape carrying speed. CONSTITUTION: Reproduction outputs from rotary heads 11A and 11B are made consecutive signals by a switch 12, and a pilot signal P is drawn out from a BPF 13. This pilot signals P is multiplied by a reference signal R from a reference signal generating circuit 28 in a multiplier 14. And thus the pilot signal conponent to be reproduced as a crosstalk component can be obtained from the neighboring two tracks. The generation of the reference signal R is controlled by a control circuit 29, and made into the plural reference signals. Output from the multiplier 14 undergoes the wave detection BPFs 15 and 16, and wave detecting circuit 17 and 18, and is amplified by a differential amplifier (19). The polarity between the tracks of the output SD of the differential amplifier is made coherent by an inversion circuit 20 and switch 21. As a result, a tracking error signal SE can be obtained. COPYRIGHT: (C)1987,JPO&Japio




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