Facsimile equipment


PURPOSE: To improve the operability by providing a 2nd operation section attachable and detachable to and from a facsimile equipment and loading operation information stored in the 2nd operation section altogether into the main body in connecting the 2nd operation section to the main body. CONSTITUTION: When the operation input is finished, an original is set to the facsimile equipment main body to connect an interface section 13 of the 2nd operation section and an interface section 9 of the main body. In depressing a start button of the equipment main body, data controlling the operation of the facsimile main body stored in a storage medium section 12 of the 2nd operation section is transferred to and stored in the operation data storage medium located on the main body system control section 10. The facsimile equipment main body starts its operation based on the operation data and the operability is improved. COPYRIGHT: (C)1987,JPO&Japio




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