Guide supporting mechanism for magnetic disk device


PURPOSE: To improve the reliability of a magnetic disk device by eliminating the breakdown of a magnetic record information by holding the wear powder caused by the wear of a guide rail and bearing at the generation spot by the magnetic force. CONSTITUTION: A mobile coil 9 is provided at the rear part of the actuator 6 holding the inner wheel of a bearing, driving the actuator 6 by optionally positioning it in a direction 10 by generating an electromagnetic driving force with the coil 9 being energized by the electrification by being inserted into the inner part of the magnetic circuit, which is composed of the magnetic poles 7aW7c of a ferromagnetic body and a magnet 8. The outer wheels of the guide rail 4 and bearing 5 are of ferromagnetic material and the guide rail 4 coming into contact with the magnetic pole 7a is magnetized. The wear powder is therefore held with being sucked on the surface of the guide rail 4 even in case of a ferromagnetic wear powder being caused by the wear of the outer wheel of the bearing 5 and guide rail 4 and is not scattered at the inner part of the device even in case of an air stream being caused inside the device by the high speed rotation of the magnetic disk 1. COPYRIGHT: (C)1987,JPO&Japio




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