Resin sealed semiconductor device


PURPOSE:To obtain the semiconductor device coated with a strong film by a method wherein, in the semiconductor device having a semiconductor element connected to the conductor on a film, liguid resin consisting of an epoxy compound and phenol hardening agent and the epoxy resin is hardened by heating. CONSTITUTION:The semiconductor element l connected to the conductor 2 on an insulative flexible film 5 is provided at the aperture part which is punched out on the film. At that time, the liguid resin 4 consisting of an epoxy compound, a phenol hardening agent, a hardening accelerating catalyzer and an organic solvent, is coated on the conductor 2. Said resin 4 is hardened by heating, As a result, the generation of pin-holes on the resin 4 can be prevented, and the semiconductor device coated with a strong film can be obtained.




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