Many wiring inspecting method


PURPOSE: To remove restrictions on electrode constitution and to shorten an inspection time by dipping a substrate plating liquid and feeding electricity, and deciding whether the breaking of wire or short-circuit is caused or not from the formation state of a deposited plating layer. CONSTITUTION: A conductive tape 6 is stuck on one end of the electrode of the substrate 1 and all electrodes are connected in common. Then, the substrate 1 is dipped in the plating electrode except the part where the conductive tape 6 is stuck along with a metallic plate 2 and a DC voltage is applied. At this time, if there is the breaking of wire due to a defect in etching and a flaw at part of striped electrodes, the part is not plated. Consequently, it is decided from the formation state of this plating whether there is the breaking of wire or not and this wire breaking position is also marked by whether or not the part is plated or not, so the position is easily confirmed without using any special device. COPYRIGHT: (C)1987,JPO&Japio




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