Production of brake


PURPOSE: To produce a brake having an excellent coefft. of friction and corrosion resistance by subjecting a thermally sprayed layer which consists of a metal and ceramics and is formed on the sliding surface of a sliding member to a remelting treatment with a high-density beam, then removing the metallic material on the surface part thereof. CONSTITUTION: The material 6 which is constituted of the metal and ceramics is thermally sprayed from a thermal spraying nozzle 5 onto the sliding surface of the sliding member 2 to form the sprayed layer 7. The high-density beam 8 such as laser beam having a rectangular energy distribution is irradiated on the sprayed layer 7 while the beam is moved to form a remelting treated layer 9. The sliding member 2 is thereafter immersed into an etching soln. 11 in an etching cell 10. A voltage is then impressed between the sliding member 2 and a cathode plate 12 disposed to face the remelting treated layer 9 from a DC power source 13. The metallic material on the surface part of the remelting treated layer 9 is thereby selectively melted away. The high-hardness ceramics 14 is thus projected and formed from the surface of the remelting treated layer 9 and the high coefft. of friction and high corrosion resistance are obtd. COPYRIGHT: (C)1987,JPO&Japio




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