Digital audio reproducing device


PURPOSE: To attain high quality reproduced sounds by providing a digital filter, to which a deemphasis characteristic is given to subject an input signal to deemphasis if the input signal is subjected to preemphasis, to the input side of a DA converter. CONSTITUTION: A signal processing circuit 1 detects a code indicating whether a digital recorded signal is preemphasized or not, and an emphasis switching control signal is transmitted by an emphasis switching control signal circuit 6. A digital filter 2 eliminates noise components from the recorded signal, and the deemphasis characteristic is given to the digital filter 2 by the emphasis switching control signal and the recorded signal is deemphasized to not only make the frequency characteristic flat but also reduce the noise of a high frequency component in an audible band if the recorded signal is preemphasized, and the output is outputted to a DA converter 3. The signal is subjected to aperture compensation by an aperture circuit 4 and has the noise of the high frequency component eliminated by a low pass filter 5 to obtain an analog reproduced output. COPYRIGHT: (C)1987,JPO&Japio




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