Analog electronic timepiece with roulette


PURPOSE:To make the titled timepiece have a play function in common, without deteriorating the display function of time, by using hands for a time display as a roulette hand, as well. CONSTITUTION:In a time mode, a 1/60Hz signal is selectively outputted from a correction switching circuit 12a, and supplied to hour and minute hands through the first motor driving circuit 19 and the first motor 20. Also, from a switching circuit 16, a 1Hz signal is selectively outputted, and supplied to a second hand through a hand position counter 18c, the second motor driving circuit 21, and the second motor 22. In a roulette holding mode, when a start/ stop button is turned on, a fast forward speed control circuit 17 outputs selectively a 64Hz fast forward signal, and this signal is supplied to the hand position counter 18c and the second motor driving circuit 21, and a roulette hand is brought to a fast forward operation through the second motor 22. When the start/stop button is turned off, the roulette hand decreases its speed and stops.




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