Resin composition


PURPOSE: To provide a resin composition composed of a polyurethane resin and a urethane-modified epoxy resin, having excellent durability such as heat- resistance, water-resistance, etc., as well as excellent adhesivity to metal, plastic, etc., and suitable especially as an adhesive. CONSTITUTION: The objective resin composition can be produced by compounding (A) a polyurethane resin having a number-average mol.wt. of 10,000W300,000, preferably 30,000W200,000 and produced by reacting a polyhydroxyl compound and a low-mol.wt. organic diol with an organic diisocyanate at a molar ratio of 0.95:1W1:0.95 with (B) a urethane-modified epoxy resin produced by reacting (i) an epoxy resin having an epoxy equivalent of preferably 100W4,000 and containing hydroxyl group in the molecule, e.g. an epoxy resin containing at least one substituted or unsubstituted glycidyl ether group on an average in a molecule with (ii) a compound having isocyanate group at a (hydroxyl group):(isocyanate group) ratio of 10:1W1:1. COPYRIGHT: (C)1987,JPO&Japio




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