Water-soluble dye and production thereof


NEW MATERIAL:A compound of formula I [A is (substituted)aryloxy or (substituted) arylmercapto; B is H, alkyl, alkoxy, alkylmercapto, (substituted) aryloxy or (substituted)arylmercapto; M is alkali metal, ammonium or amine; n is 2W4] containing 0.0001W3wt% sulfate radical as an impurity. EXAMPLE: The compound of formula II. USE: Suitable for recording liquid of ink-jet recording apparatus or writing utensil such as fountain pen, felt pen, etc. PREPARATION: For example, the tetrahalogeno-1,4-benzoquinone of formula III is condensed with the aroamtic oxy or thiol compound of formula AH to obtain the compound of formula IV. The compound is condensed with the aromatic amine of formula V and the product is thermally cyclized. The resultant dioxazine compound of formula VI is sulfonated to obtain the objective compound. COPYRIGHT: (C)1987,JPO&Japio




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