Fuel control device


PURPOSE: To avoid abnormal rise of burnoff temperature and to prevent fusing of a hot wire and unprepared firing to fuel by constituting a fuel control device such that burnoff control is stopped when an inlet air amount sensor is in error and fault signal is output. CONSTITUTION: An ECU 10 determines fuel injection amount based on respective signals from an AFS (inlet air amount sensor) 2, crank angle sensor 11, starting switch 13, engine cooling water temperature switch 13 and a throttle sensor 4, and controls the pulse width of fuel injection pulse of an injector 9 by synchronizing with the signal from the crank angle sensor 11. And when all the burnoff conditions are established, the ECU 10 generates burnoff control signal 14. In this case, when the output level of the AFS 2 is abnormal, burnoff control is stopped and a predetermined fault signal is output. By this, abnormal rise in burnoff temperature can be avoided and fusing of a hot wire and unprepared firing to fuel can be prevented. COPYRIGHT: (C)1987,JPO&Japio




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