Vibrationproof device


PURPOSE:To effectively absorb the complex vibration by dividing a liquid chamber whose one part is formed of an elastic body into a plurality of small liquid chambers through division walls and allowing said small liquid chambers to communicate through restriction passages and forming the division walls from elastic bodies. CONSTITUTION:When vibration is transmitted through a top plate 22, an elastic body 20 absorbs said vibration. When the vibration has a large amplitude in low frequency, a net-shaped elastic body 36 cuts off the pass of liquid, and the liquid flows into an orifice 44, and vibration is absorbed by the passing resistance. Though, in case of the high frequency vibration, the orifice 44 is set into clogged state, the net-shaped elastic body 36 is deformed minutely and the rise of each pressure in an upper small liquid chamber 28A and a lower small liquid chamber 28B is prevented, and the increase of a dynamic spring is suppressed. Further, when the vibration in the both frequency acts at the same time, the pressure in the upper small liquid chamber 28A increases with a large amplitude in low frequency, and the liquid is transported into the lower small liquid chamber 28, passing through the minute penetration hole on the net-shaped elastic body 36, and the upper small liquid chamber 28A is put into decompressed state, and the increase of the dynamic spring is suppressed.




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